What was your first gig?

My first gig was working for Sony Studios in Nogizaka.

At first, I had my hands full just operating ProTools. My first foray into sound engineering was when I was an assistant engineer for Shogo Hamada, which changed my career.  It was during his recording session that I learned to pay attention to the feelings and vibes of a session.

Around that time I started to think I should go to the U.S. 

After relocating to the U.S., I worked for Avatar Studios as a staff engineer.

Of the people you’ve worked with, who has left an impression with you?

As for artists:



My Morning Jacket

Neil Young

As for engineers:

Andy Wallace

Neil Dorfsman

Toru Kotetsu (JVC Mastering Center)

And my Kurid colleagues Koni-young and Kusama.

Share with us an unforgettable work story.

When I was still a newbie at Sony, I had an opportunity to take part in an analog 24-track recording session, my first tape recording session.  I destroyed a good take of a song by erasing section that were good and making the musicians re-record the parts that I had erased as well as the parts they wanted to fix. For example, instead of recording onto the 2nd verse, I punched into the 3rd. The director and first engineer got really pissed and I ended up kneeling down on the floor and apologizing to the artist and musicians.  But I think experiences like that ultimately made me a better engineer and led to Avatar Studios having confidence in my abilities.

What projects are you currently recording and/or mixing?

I’m mainly involved with Jesse’s (RIZE) projects.  But I’m also working on other projects like Kumi Koda, Namie Amuro with Lucas Valentine, among others.

If you had your choice, whom would you like to work with?

There are so many…. For example,

Wu-Tang Clan


Jimi Hendrix

Rage Against the Machine

Bob Dylan

What are your hobbies?

Watching baseball games.  And I try to spend time with my family as much as time permits.

What’s currently your favorite item/plug-in?

The SSL FX G384 is one of my old all-time favorites.  Its one of those versatile compressors that can be used in both recording and in mix situations.  If there is a unit at the studio, I definitely will make use of it and want it in my setup.  The D.S.King is another piece of gear I really like.  I also use it for recording and mixing situations.  It transforms any sounds into a baaad monster-sound. 

As for plug-ins, I like iZotope StutterEdit.  It used to take a long time creating stuttering effects because of endless cutting, re-pasting and editing of regions.  However, with StutterEdit, it only takes a few seconds to program and make incredibly precise cuts and stuttering effects.   Dada Life’s Sausage Fattener is really great, too.  It’s very easy to use and it makes the fattest sounds when it’s used on the track.

Colin Suzuki

Recording / Mixing Engineer

Recording with Jesse (RIZE) in Hawaii.

Recording with Jesse (RIZE) in Hawaii.

In session with Sancar (Psychedelic Trance DJ/producer).

In session with Sancar (Psychedelic Trance DJ/producer).


ALLY & DIAZ ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Amuro Namie ; Remix Engineer

The Bonez ; Track Production, Recording/Mixing Engineer

BOA ; Remix Engineer

Char ; Recording Engineer

Corey Rooney ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Dave Sitek ; Recording Engineer

EDO ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

GI GODE ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Greater Good ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Ghostface Killah ; Recording Engineer

JD & The Straight Shot ; Recording Engineer

Jennifer Lopez ; Pre Production/Recording Engineer

Jesse Mcfaddin ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Kaikigeshoku ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Kelly Rowland ; Pre Production/Recording Engineer

Koda Kumi ; Remix Engineer

Kotobuki ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

L-Vokal ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Lil Wayne ; Remix Engineer

Malissa Redmond ; Recording Engineer

Majic Massey ; Recording Engineer

Micky Howard ; Recording Engineer

Misia ; Recording Engineer

Ne- Yo ; Remix Engineer

Nickel ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Olivia ; Mix Engineer

Rachael Yamagata ; Recording Engineer

Rize ; Recording Engineer

Roberta Flack ; Recording Engineer

Soul Live ; Recording Engineer

Syza ; Recording/Mixing Engineer

Trans-Siberian Orchestra ; Recording Engineer

Teriyaki Boys ; Mixing Engineer

Uzumaki ; Recording/Mixing Engineer