What was your first gig?

I started off as a part time worker at Sound Arts Studio and also did PA work at the same time. 

After that, it was only 6 months until I was tasked with Azumi Inoue’s live mix.  I remember going to Tochigi to record the show, and mixing it.  It was before ProTools was popular so I took an ADAT and recorded the show onto that.

Who are the most influential artists you’ve worked with?


I met Koni-young and Kusama while recording Mach25.  After that, Koni-young handed me the reins to record and mix the project.


Recording them afforded me the opportunity to become a freelancer.

Masami Tsuchiya

Hajime Okano

Tsuchiya-San and Okano-San not only taught me how to record good rhythm tracks, but also taught me many other tricks of the trade.

Share with us an unforgettable work story.

I have a lot of stories of when I was late to sessions while I was an assistant.  It was well known among the engineers that I was tardy a lot.  Once, an engineer went ahead and set up the studio.  When I finally got in, the mics and everything else were already set up, which was quite an embarrassment.

The worst was when I was 3 hours late to an APOGEE session I had with Kusama.  When Kusama-San called, I was still at home and he recorded the session for me until I got there.

What projects are you currently recording and/or mixing?

There are too many to write, but Aqua Timez, Kana Nishino, Special Others, The Birthday, DAITA, TotalFat, Glory Hill, and Haji→ Caramel Peppers, who’ve I’ve been personally interested in recently.

If you had your choice, whom would you like to work with?

Among the artists that I’ve liked since back in the day, KORN, AC/DC, Queen, Jimi Hendrix.

What are your hobbies?

Playing with my daughter.

What’s currently your favorite item/plug-in?

I really like the Softube reverb plug-in.

Satoshi Hosoi

Recording / Mixing Engineer